Friday, August 14, 2015

Petroleum Production System


This is the schematic picture of petroleum production system. The production system is the system that transports reservoir fluids from the subsurface reservoir to the surface, processes and treats the fluids, and prepares the fluids for storage and transfer to the market.
As shown in the picture, the basic elements of the production system start from Reservoir, Wellbore, Surface wellhead, flowlines, and processing equipment. A ‘‘reservoir’’ is a porous and permeable underground formation containing an individual bank of hydrocarbons confined by impermeable rock or water barriers and is characterized by a single natural pressure system. Oil and gas wells are drilled like an upside-down telescope. The large-diameter borehole section is at the top of the well. Each section is cased to the surface, or a liner is placed in the well that laps over the last casing in the well. Each casing or liner is cemented into the well (usually up to at least where the cement overlaps the previous cement job). A well is composed of casings, tubing, packers, down-hole chokes (optional), wellhead, Christmas tree, and surface chokes.  The equipment at the top of the producing wellhead is called a ‘‘Christmas tree’’ and it is used to control flow. The fluids produced from oil wells are normally complex mixtures of hundreds of different compounds. A typical oil well stream is a high-velocity, turbulent, constantly expanding mixture of gases and hydrocarbon liquids, intimately mixed with water vapor, free water, and sometimes solids. The well stream should be processed as soon as possible after bringing them to the surface by separator.


The slide will discuss about every important part of the production system. It will discuss step by step petroleum flow from Reservoir  to the surface, it will focus on different kinds of reservoir, why the reservoir can flow the hydrocarbon to the wellbore, the detailed picture about the wellbore, the structure of the wellbore, different parts of wellhead and christmas tree, their functions, and finally different kinds of separator which are used in petroleum industry. The slide is focused on color and moving object to help the imagination of the viewer, so the learning process will be accelerated. Therefore, We advice the presenter to give a little time learning about petroleum system, OR this slide also good for those who want to imagine how does it works. Because everything's less boring when they are moving and colorful!

You'll be amazed how a single picture may talks a lot of things! 

 AND THE BEST PART IS THE PRESENTATION IS FREE!! You can download the presentation below, and see how a single picture can tell you a thousand words. It is quite impossible to analyze ALL the perspective of the picture (example: from the point of view reservoir engineer, drilling engineer, production engineer, geologist, etc) So feel free to add your perspective and additional data about the picture in the comment! Thank you!

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