Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Free Download Vocabulary Test for Business

There are a lot of advantages in socializing with business professionals. Most of the have the communities that support each other, and they have positive attitude in facing their problems. They are also willing to help you when you are in a problem. But it is not easy to join these premium communities. They should first see that you are a motivated person, polite, and civilized. They don't want to spoil their great attitude, habits, and vision with people who know nothing about the beauty of hard work, big vision and social respect. thus, they often filter their surrounding with the right people and those who help them to achieve a better goal. Sometime, the simplest thing they want to see is either you are well educated or not.

we should have known the importance of English  in the business activities and communities. as I have shared the program of advanced vocabulary test, I also want to share another similar program which is focused on common vocabulary in the business activities. One day, you'll need to do presentation in front of the stake holders, directors, or entire company staffs, I think it will be a great opportunity to show your skill in business with useful expressions in sophisticated words, thus gaining trust of those big people. You also may use the skill to impress them in business plan and your writing of formal letter, either to your boss or to other companies. the result? Promotion and raise! Why? Because the company will search a trusted, well educated, and impressive people to lead and compete with other company, and to make sure they have a person to fit with the international business communities. Guess what, by doing vocabulary evaluation with this test you are one step ahead of other people! Good for you, success is in you hand! Even if you are a student, you should start this test as soon as possible to face the real world.

Here, I have uploaded a program which can be used as your business vocabulary builder. There are many business related words to be remembered and the vocabulary list is very long, so I will separate this program into several chapters. (stay tune in this blog for the next part). Although it is important for many people, I want to make it as FREE business vocabulary builder since I hope this blog can help as many people as possible. It feels great for me to help people get a better business career. I also wonder if I can make the program for French, Spanish, or Chinese vocabulary builder, but it will take quite a long time, since the sources are less common. You also need to know the common vocabulary phrases to use the words effectively, so in the program, there will be example sentence to know the context of the words. 

I suggest you to train and remember these vocabulary until it flows naturally in  your business conversation. 

have you downloaded the excel program? Good! Now as I've explained in previous post, I use recursive program and it need a little adjustment in your excel.

1. Choose Excel Options from Menu

(the position is different from EXCEL 2007 and 2010, but still, choose "excel options") 

2. Choose Formula tab (left); in calculation options, tick enable iterative calculation; then click OK (the maximum iterations and maximum change is not matter, actually this program only need 1 iteration) 


Now the program can be used and practice a lot of vocabulary! Practice makes perfect! write your answer in the answer section, then click enter, next question will be displayed. Compare your answer with key answer and go to next question.  Practice as many times as possible. Good Luck, future professional!!!

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Irianto Petrus Binsardo