Sunday, November 29, 2015

Core Porosity


Core sampling is very important to be done to know the petrophysical property of the formation.

It is usually shaped as a cylinder, since it is obtained by using coring bit, the drilling bit which drills the formation with a hole in the center to obtain the sample while drilling, which is called the "core bowling". The cost for coring a well is very expensive, and not all wells will be cored. Also, instead using the conventional whole core, people may also use the sidewall cores, which will take the samples from the wall after the well has been drilled by using wireline. Sidewall cores are cheaper than the conventional core explained above, but the data will not be as complete as conventional core. The advantage is the price and the time which is only spends hours, instead of days.

The sidewall cores are retrieved by two ways:
Rotary sidewall coring and percussion side wall coring. Rotary sidewall coring will use a special small core bit which will poop out from the main tool and get the sample from the sidewall.

The percussion sidewall coring, will shoot small core barrel to the wall and retrieve the sample. This method is very fast, but it will create some damage to the sample and the porosity or permeability measurement will be inaccurate.

Now, I have a simple program where people can get porosity of the core, total porosity and effective porosity. Total porosity is all the void volume divided to total volume of the core. effective porosity is all the connected void volume divided to total volume of the core. It means, the porosity will count the void which can be flowed by outer fluid, and in this case, the procedure will be by wetting the core with water.

Thanks for coming, have a nice day!!


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Friday, November 27, 2015

All I want for Christmas Is...

Today is the Black Friday. I'm looking for discounts and stuffs since the discount gonna be as low as 70% and it is very worth it for me! 

And it really reminds me about the upcoming Christmas eve, Which is very special and glad to see that it will be spent with my family warmly and cheerfully!

I remember last year's Christmas, that was not really good since I was hospitalized in the panic attack. That time, I didn't even know that it was the panic attack, felt very dizzy all day long, and couldn't join my family to have Christmas party. Horrible!

I used to love this song, All I Want for Christmas is You, which is really warm and full of hope. But as time goes by I realize, it is not really wise to hope for a perfect Christmas with someone adorable such as in the song. People should realize that the perfect Christmas they have is the one that they receive, and spending the Christmas the way people want will not make it more special, or in other words, having adorable fancy expensive Christmas won't make it more special either.A candle light Christmas night at home will be as special as Christmas night in Eiffel, if you are grateful.

So, simply stop hoping that someone, whoever they are, for Christmas, and enjoy yourselves! For me, even enjoying this Christmas without panic attack will be a very great thing. For some people, even they want to enjoy the Christmas in the warmth of home, but they simply have nowhere to go home. Prepare your Christmas well, and enjoy every blessing we have to that event! Have a good day everyone!

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Honeymoon Avenue

Hi, Welcome here again!

So, now I remembered the time when I played music a lot. I spent quite a long time to find some of the records. I've just realized that it's been a long time I haven't opened my soundcloud! Unfortunately, I didn't remember my soundcloud profile so I should go through posts in Facebook where I share the link. 

This one in the video was created after mid test when I was in the college. The singer's name was Cika, She has a great voice and she could have been a great idol if she choose to be a singer! The sound mixer/editor was Rakananda, a friend of me who has already been in US pursuing his master degree. Perfect timing, where someone who simply loves to play guitar meet someone who loves singing and someone who loves sound mixing! We also joined a student band, and played in events and competition. It was actually a kind of batch band, every batch have their own band but with the same name. That is why, the pride will come as the batch pride, but the public will see the band's achievement every year. My batch created one song, hopefully I can share it in the next post.

There was also a time in my senior high school, when I played music a lot. Honestly, it was a very peaceful time in the school, when the mid tests were still far away and the teachers weren't really in mood to attend the class. There were Elsa, Ikha, and Tony. We played in some events, like birthday parties, School events, Christmas, and Passover. they were also unforgettable moments. I still looking for some records with them, but it is harder since it was more than 4 years ago. Hopefully I can post it in this blog too. 

There are a lot of things I can learn from playing with them all. In high school, it was the time when I practice my confidence on the stages. Some input from Elsa, Ikha and Tony shapes the style I play guitar now (although it isn't that good, but I still make progress!). At the time I went to the college, playing guitar was my way to socialize with my friends (not to mention I also played magic tricks, but I am more proud with the guitar), and with the band, I went to places and find escapes from stressful petroleum stuffs.

Everywhere people go, there will be friends like them, who simply loves to play music. It is not about the ability, but more like the passion. I saw Rakananda made some records there, I saw Cika still make some music, I saw Tony focused on beatbox (and even join professional beatbox community), and they all were great. So wherever I'll go next, I might find people like them as my first home, because I hope we can play together the same way with different people!

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Guitar Recording!

It has been a long time I haven't played guitar.  There are a lot of things to do in Bandung, while my lovely guitar is in Tangerang. You know what is really burdening people who love to play music? Sometimes, people don't really see any purpose of playing music. It is very though to be a musician, you better leave everything behind or you will never be famous. Are they underestimating? No, they are not. It is the reality! There are a lot of street musician who play music better than me, or even play better than some famous artists. But unfortunately, they haven't even had their own house in their 30s or 40s. People should be very outstanding from the crowd just to be famous, not to mention the luck factor beside the hard work itself.

Indeed, it is the pessimistic view of the society. But that is not the point of view from the musician itself. I hope some other people have the same view of me, sometimes I play guitar just because I love it, and simply because I miss it. The smell of the wood, the ability to express my mood from how I play the song, how to get new techniques so I can have a new way to express that feeling itself. I don't need crowd to simply happy with that. I need my guitar.

That song in the video is a traditional Christian song from Bataknese tribe. It is a simple prayer that parents teach to their child. But You must see the lyric to know how deep the song is. The song is called "Met met Au on". Let me tell you the lyric:

"met met au on, baen ias rohangkon. Sasado ho Jesus donganku tongtong"

In English
"I am a small kid, make my heart clean. You are the only one Jesus my friend forever"

"Met met au on (I'm a small kid)" Showing how small/insignificant we are to this big world and to all what God have created. It shows humbleness we should have as a child.

"Baen ias rohangkon (make my heart clean)" It is a powerful wish, to keep the heart as pure as a child. Nothing to worry, nothing to be greedy about, and just believe that things always be alright.

"Sasado ho Jesus donganku tongtong (You are the only one Jesus my friend forever)" This is the one a kid really need, faithful friend. The kid ask the Jesus to be friend with Him forever. It is the cute part of the song, since it contains hope that we never be alone.

That is a deep song that can be well expressed by the music itself.

That is why I like to play with my lovely guitar, alone. And I miss it.

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Monday, November 16, 2015

Wedding Ceremony

Watermelon art in wedding ceremony
The time will come, sooner or later, where one by one, the people you know are getting married. It is the time when some people might feel insecure to see them married! There are a lot of tradition that are commonly believed in the society. Sometimes people believe they should bring their significant other to their friends' weeding ceremony, while other people unlucky enough to have that significant other yet. Yes, that's me! LOL

In Indonesia, the wedding ceremony is very sacred since it contains the symbol of religion and traditions (adat). The preparations also have a long story, since there are a lot of different practices even in the same tribe or local inherit. It need an intensive discussion on how the celebration should be done between the family, and that makes the preparation need a lot of head.

Most of the time, there are sessions of ceremonies to be done. First is to accomplish the religion direction about the marriage. Muslim need to say ijab qabul, or Christian need to declare in the church, Hindu people have the ceremony in the temple, and so on.  Next session will be the traditional ceremony. Since it is separated, it may be done some days or weeks after the religious ceremonies. unlike the religious ceremony, that mostly only invite close relatives, the traditional ceremony  should be colorful, and joyous. The friends of the married couple and their parents should be invited, or they mostly will ask why they were not invited after the ceremony, and it will make the family feels guilty.People are often dressed in traditional costume. There is lots of food as well as music, and sometimes dancing.

These days, sometimes this traditional ceremony is combined with the western style and food. The real traditional ceremony could be very tiring and boring; it may spent more than 3 days. Sometimes, it wastes a lot of money (especially in the city) and not very suit to the young people. The combination of traditional and modern will make it more elegant and faster, without losing the traditional identity and signature itself.

As I asked my friends, most of them think that the big ceremony waste the money and they are going to make it simple. Maybe there will be mindset shift to the young people, but it should be remembered that the wedding ceremony of the children will be the pride of the parents, and most parents will be do anything to make it big and special. The shift will not be in my generation, but perhaps in the next generation.

Well, of course I think those are still too far for me. I still have a lot of things to do and dream to be chased. For these days, let me enjoy those delicious foods and happy parties which are arranged by my friends, and join their happiness of their new life phase. Happy free eating!!

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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Our Prayers for Paris

I still remember this beautiful city. Paris. All the corners of the city were artistic and magnificent. There were a lot of people from various races came, to enjoy the panoramic beauty of the city. I also remember that the foods were delicious, and it wasn't hard to get Asian food there. With many other countries to be explored for the rest of my life, going there twice or three times will be still great. Not to mention the famous Eiffel Tower that play beautiful lamp attraction every hour. It was too beautiful that someday I would like to enjoy it again with the special one.

This morning, I woke up with pray for Paris in an Instagram account. I turned on the TV, and saw no breaking news or live news, so I though it will be alright. But then I opened the Internet from my phone, and was shocked that the uncivilized act had happened in Paris. about 100 people were dead, and the attacks happened in several area. I open the Youtube live streaming and realized that the condition was horrible. People who were enjoying the warmth of the show with their family, suddenly were attacked by terrorists. These terrorists shot randomly and also threw explosives. It was heartbreaking that in the modern time like this, people still can not see other people as human being. They didn't care that the victim have people who still love them, perhaps children to be taken care, and they never though about how much loss the victims' family accepted. Why they should be short minded, how could people believe their way as the way of truth while all that people can see are they kills other people that are loved? That is insane.

On the other hand, These short minded people were not only in the position of those terrorists. Some people are too ignorant to believe that those terrorists are simply like cancer in the Islamic teachings. They were too ignorant to believe that those refugees go away from their country because of these terrorists too.  These racists people don't care that the refugees' kids also need hopes for their future, need happiness to play around with their friend, and they are also hungry.

I am a Christian, and in the country I am living in, the population of Muslim are more than 90%. Don't forget that we had ever dealt with this terrorism too. I can say to those narrow minded people, on any sides, that as long as we can see other people as human being, then we can live peacefully with our differences. Being civilized is more than just not to care about other people beliefs. It bring more advantages, to show to people that your believes are contributing to the world peace. An Agnostic people may show kindness to show that being kind is the core value of human life, while loving other is the core value of what Jesus had taught for Christian. And that way, perhaps, we have shown that we are competing to show the world that we believe in peace, not showing dominance to others.

Today might be a tough day to people in Paris, but we pray that the situation get better soon. We hope for peace on earth, and love one another to contribute to this big purpose. God bless all of us.

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Kit Kat Japan Special Variants!

Kit Kat is very popular gift you may expect from people traveling to Japan. They are very unique, since they only sell some variants in some area in Japan. They don't export the special Kit Kat. It is become famous among tourists and somehow the exclusivity makes people search for them. And the last time I went to Japan, i brought home some variants which are exclusive in Japan. What a luck.

I taste all of them. I felt some differences, although the main taste were all chocolate and milk. The  most interesting one, in my opinion, was the wasabi, since it was a little bit spicy.

Being exclusive is one of the power of Kit Kat, not to mention about the taste of course. Since they are representing cities they were made, I remember one type of this kind in Indonesia. Yes it is exclusive from a city, yes it is well packaged, and yes it is popular among young people, It is called ALMOND CRISPY CHEESE!!

It is only produced in Surabaya, East Java. Very crunchy and kind of light meal while chatting with families or friends. Me personally, feels the taste is great, and it deserve international attention for trending food. 

Also don't forget about the milk pie from Bali, a very delicious pastry which is one will never enough! 

To be honest, I think this is a nice potency for other provinces in Indonesia to be explored by tourist. Creativity will create a new potency, not only for the food maker, but even can be elaborated as the identity of a city/ region. You could also find other food specialties related to cities in all over Indonesia here.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Count Your Blessings: Rainy Season is Coming, Things are Getting Better

Rainy season is in the town! I woke up in the morning with the sound of rain drops, cold weather & I stayed a little longer in the bedroom, since the comfy warm blanket, morning talk-show in the television, and FREElance time were all perfect combination this morning. It is all that people need recently, the rain. The heat was very horrible, with the smoke and fire-forest problems, people were hoping for the rain. Now, the smoke become less, and in near future, people will enjoy the cool air every time they go to work or go home. These days are great for cups of hot chocolate! Yummy!

In my opinion, it will always about the perspective that we see the condition. Some people are stressed that in the future they will face other problems: water-flood, heavier traffic, wet clothes, or hardly bring umbrella anywhere. People can not deny, everything come in a package. since I love playing guitar, then I should accept that sometimes my fingers should bleed. I want to get a better education, then I should accept that it needs a lot of efforts and hard works. I remember when I failed to get into the university from which I have graduated in the first try, it was a very great time to understand that I should study more, and with a little extra effort, I could make it. The biggest perspective of all condition, in my opinion, is that God always open a better door when He close a door for me. But back again, it will always about the perspective..

Back to about 70 years ago, every civilian can not say " Indonesia" or "Merdeka" freely, and a sign of red and white flags on their chest will lead them to death. They didn't know whether they would stay a live the day after, since thousands of people died on the streets. But stay living under slavery also weren't a choice either. Protecting the family was not only about searching money and feed them, but fighting against those people who sees other human as animals, slave, and have no heart to humanity. Now, about 70 years later, I can open my eyes every morning and take a deep long breath to appreciate this beautiful life. That is very calming and nice.That's how I appreciate Heroes Day, thanks to our grandparents.

I am quite a freelancer now, but I am grateful I have free time with my friends to randomly go to tourist spots in weekdays, avoiding traffic jam. I am also grateful for being a petroleum engineering major graduates. People say that it is a tough time for fresh graduates, and It is extremely different condition to the time when the oil price was more than 100 dollar per barrel, but I see it more like a good time to learn again the petroleum engineering as my interest, not forced by schedule. I  struggle with this silly generalized anxiety disorder, but I am grateful that I learn a lot of things about relaxation, breathing, and leaning my life to Jesus. I also struggle with this fat on my belly, but I am grateful for those delicious foods! Whatever, I'll exercise more later..

And by the time of this famous flooding season, we should prepare ourselves for the harm.prepare extra sandals and clothes, or prepare the house for the flood. But that should never be the main concern. bad things happen, but expect good things in everything we do. As we can see, living is better in Indonesia than 70 years ago, and technology makes life become easier now than 200 years ago. With the war happened in the world, expect people to be friends to each other. That way we become the ones who bring peace on earth. I prepare for higher grade of education, I prepare for other journey to other places, and I prepare for changing the major concern, and I prepare for a better body shape :D, But with all these struggle, I believe it will be fun. Now, I simply take my hot chocolate and wait for the warm season of Christmas too!! 

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Mud Engineering Simple Program, FREE!!

Before talking about mud engineering, we should understand first the importance of the mud itself in drilling a well. These functions are remove cuttings from well, suspend and release cuttings, control formation pressures, seal permeable formations, maintain wellbore stability, minimizing formation damage, cool, lubricate, and support the bit and drilling assembly, transmit hydraulic energy to tools and bit, ensure adequate formation evaluation, control corrosion (in acceptable level), facilitate cementing and completion, and minimize impact on environment

One of the most significant uses of mud is based on its weight (density). This is mainly related to the function of controlling formation pressure and removing cutting from the well. The mud weight should be adjusted in time and precisely to ensure the mud does its functions. When the mud weight exceeds the fracture pressure (the maximum pressure the formation can accept before it breaks), the formation may fracture and lost circulation may happen, thus reducing the pressure in the well and creating kick. If the  mud goes into hydrocarbon bearing zone, it will also impede the formation from producing oil.

In contrary, if the mud weight is too low, the hydrostatic pressure in the well will be less than the formation pressure. The fluid in the formation then may flow into the wellbore and delivered to the surface. This is referred to as a formation kick, and if the invading fluid reaches the surface abruptly, the nightmare, “blowout”, comes. These fluids are easily burnt hydrocarbons, which are in the surface, with oxygen and friction, will create explosions.

Other aspect that should be considered is about the solid content in the mud. Mostly it will affect the  functions to suspend the cutting, cool, and lubricate bit. Solid content should be maintained to improve the mud functions.

These functions should be adjusted for every changes of lithology and formation types, thus every changes should also be done quickly and accurately in the field and should not disturb the drilling works. Sometimes people drill through overpressure formation and the mud density should be increased, while sometimes people go through brittle formation and the solid content will be increased. These problems should be handled quickly before it become massive problem.

Here, i upload an example of mud engineering program, not too complicated, but might explain how things work in the field. Let's take an example!

This is the example when people need to weight up the mud since they encounter the overpressure area. The choice, whether with volume increase or not, depends on regulation, environmental and capacity of the facilities. Let's assume that the facilities has limited capacities, perhaps since the field in the middle of city/ village, or because we need to maintain the solid percentage in the mud.

The mud is 500 bbl now with density 9.5 lb/gal, and need to be increased to 10 lb/gal. The result will be

Remember to jet out old mud 9.8 bbl first before adding Barite to ensure the volume still the same. 
If the same fluid's density must be reduced, then

Those are some example of this program. you may download from the link below. It is a ubject of revision so please give some advice in the comment section, would you? Thank you for visiting my blog. Have a nice day


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Monday, November 9, 2015

Renewable Energy, Bullish Investment?

Renewable energy is an interesting thing to be considered as working field in near future. This energy source is still undervalued, and it can be analyzed that the performance will be "BULLISH" (as what the stock traders say) in about 10 years. But why renewable energy is that important?

First, a consideration of people to convert to renewable energy is about its sustainability and cleanness. Renewable energy will be sustain longer than fossil energy, and also less harm to the environment. As it can be seen, on the long term issue, renewable energy should has been the major source of energy. But back to the basic, all these energy sources are used to get profit, and this was the main disadvantage of renewable energy. Petroleum industry is more profitable than the renewable energy. It seems that the renewable energy still need some years to be considered. Moreover, there are some step before renewable energy to be considered after petroleum industry, named unconventional hydrocarbon. It seems that the resource to be gained is that massive, and a lot of reservoir to be explored. The journey will need to go to unconventional hydrocarbon before go to renewable energy. This is the pessimistic concept which should be considered. But there is something missing there, especially in the context of Indonesia.

The potency of renewable energy in Indonesia is huge. We have the biggest geothermal resource in the world, and tropical islands with sun shines brightly all the year. Unfortunately, even the usage of geothermal energy in Indonesia is only about 5% of total potency. Of course we still need to exploit more in geothermal and solar energy, but how long will we need to wait?

The issue is there, about Indonesia Emerging Economy 2025, and developed country in 2050. The prediction has been reported, that we need energy consumption twice as much as we use today, considering the economic and population growth.
And as can be seen in the graph, the growth of renewable energy will be significant compared to other resources. from around 5 % to around 20%, and what does this growth need? People!! That is why the development will be massive later and the preparation should be done from now on. Yes, the next big thing will be unconventional energy, but the exploitation will not be that easy, too. There are still problems to be faced: transportation & piping between islands, the price and market for gas (Indonesian gas price is considered as "high" in South East Asia), and many other problems.  Also, it can be seen that the changes in some years won't be too much, since the development of gas as energy has been done some years ago. Don't forget about the clean energy too, as people are more aware about the global warming effect. 

Also the advantage of renewable energy is, although the profit is not that big, the implementation in regional scale are mostly successful. The produced energy won't be massive, but please consider that not every region have the petroleum reservoir also, while we can use solar energy anywhere. The development for its efficiency should be accelerated so the energy source problem won't be a big issue in the future. I think I'm ready for renewable energy. Di you have other point of view? Please tell me more in comment section, let's discuss here


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Newbie of Stop motion Video!

I am quite interested in some stop motion people did for other people's birthday (mostly!) And this one is a stop motion video I did for two of my old friends. They have the same birthday so it's quite kill two birds with one stone. So, we had a horrible joke about the future. So I went to Petroleum Engineering,  one went to electrical engineering, and another one went to computer engineering. We had joke that they would find me in the gas station helping people with their car, also when I looked up to the electricity pylon, My friend would be there fixing things, and the other one would sell computer in electronic center!! That was an old joke, we really expect things go simple and easy, only relax and chill out. I once think what if I visualize the idea, then this video was created. 

It is quite an old thing, and we all have different communities and lives in different cities now. I had a lot of effort and time to do this video, and proud enough with the result, so I would like to share it here. It was quite a personal video, but now, this is only showing how creative I was. Maybe some input might be great, guys. Art is fun actually, and maybe I will explore more about this kind of art. If only I have time, If only I am in mood, and a lot of other If only! LOL

How can I improve this video? Would you like to help me? Thank you, please comment :D

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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Tidung Island

Tidung Island, a fascinating island in the north of Jakarta mainland, is a village of Kepulauan Seribu selatan, Jakarta, Indonesia. We may find a very distinctive atmosphere in Tidung Island, although it is still part of Jakarta. Just 3 hours boating from the main land, People may find time’s getting slower in Tidung Island. People will find the local works less stressfully as fishermans, and less polution too. Indeed, since the Island only has motorcycles as the main transportation mode. No car, and a lot of bicycles! A little advice to go to district “Pulau Seribu” (literally means a thousand islands), they have each island with different range of prices to stay, and also some special islands only good to do specific activities. For instance, the price range for Bidadari Island is much higher than Tidung, with different expected accommodation. But don’t expect low quality room in Tidung. The locals are really open to tourists and people will get homey houses, air conditioned room and prime hospitality, not to mention much lower price. Also free bicycle to go around the Island! It is not a hotel, but to interact with the local will be an unforgettable moment.

Tidung Island: Homey local house

 There are a lot of activities people can do in Tidung Island. This is a small Island people will consider to explore by using bicycle, water activities, snorkeling and fishing. But there’s one unique thing people should try in Tidung Island.

There’s a bridge called “Jembatan Cinta” (Bridge of Love). The height is about 3-5 meters, and people should try the adrenaline!

Tidung Island: Jump or No Jump
Tidung Island: Believe me, it was tough decision

The decision starts when people get over the handle of the bridge and see the water below them! It will be the time when people should consider either they are brave enough or not! There will be battle in people’s head, and they need to make a fast respond, since the bridge is also used by boats to cross below. It wasn’t easy, but I can say I choose to jump, and that was not a bad idea.

Tidung Island: I decide to jump!

Tidung Island: SPLASH!!!
Tidung Island: After jump, the happiness was real

The first time was frightening, but then it was addictive! The sensation was great and one was never enough!!  Also, don't forget about other activities! Stunning!

Tidung Island: Banana Boat
Tidung Island: Snorkeling
Oya, don't forget to bring crackers or bread in the boat for snorkeling. Don't miss the chance to take photos with the fishes and the feeling of them eating bread from your hand!

Tidung Island: Enjoy the sunset
In my opinion, Tidung Island is a great choice to have fast escape from daily routine. I hope in the future, the price won't be extremely higher, since that would make people reconsider to go there again. I always want great quality vacation, at least they could worth the price. But then, when it is not worth the money anymore, I simply explore other places perhaps. But who knows, in the future, Tidung Island might be as popular as Bali, but more affordable choice.

Tidung Island: My cousin approve!

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