Friday, December 4, 2015

Mizue, A Character With Great Point of View

It has been a long time for me not to read comics, as the problems in the university and after graduated are getting real. It is not the same again after all, and the fantasy comics become irrelevant with the imagination. I know, that's why being an adult is  boriiing, and nobody want to be that boring and stressed person, but somehow, these people just believe that to have something to eat, nothing called Doraemon magic pocket anymore.

After graduated, I have a lot of time to do activities, and with all these free time, even my cousin is getting jealous since I don't have to go to school anymore. What a cute point of view, while inside, I hope this kid know how it feels not going to school for 6 months. That way, perhaps she can feel the boredom lol.

There was a great comic book I used to read. It was Kariage Kun, a comic book which tells about the daily life of a common employer in his daily life. I enjoyed the comic until they simply relaunch all the stories I have read, with higher price and different cover. I know it is an old comic and they can make money by relaunching them, but if they create new stories, they'll collect even their old fans.

With the business and lack of good comic book (I only love the comic strip), I didn't read comic book and make some priority. 

Recently, after graduated, I get back time of my childhood, and I went to a book store, and I get this beautiful book called KASHIMASHI HOUSE!!

It is not only the book, but also the character, the one I really like: Mizue

Mizue is a college students who is very lucky, lazy, but I think she is a clever one! And she bring back my time of childhood, when I spend most of my time sleeping, or enjoy my time reading comic while listening to music. She is also told to be a lucky girl, which have a lot of fortune and perhaps, doing things her way.

Why I love this point of view? Because I forget that life can be spent by enjoying things you love to enjoy, and do activities the way you want it to be done. They said you should be the number one, cream of the cream, zero tolerance of mistake, multitasking, looking for job, have good body shape, get connections and links, etc; while playing guitar, trying new hobby, spending time alone is called wasting time! Thanks to this comic book, I remember to chill and take a deep breath, while hoping everything will always be okay...

And that's how a character changes mindset. It reminds me that when everything in the world forcing you to get a job to GET A LIFE, I can enjoy myself trying doing hobby (perhaps making some excel program and playing guitar, not to mention this lovely blogging!) and HAVE A LIFE!! I think I agree that  "no one in the deathbed will say 'If I have the second chance, I will work harder to get those branded bag and work harder to that company.'" After all, it's about your enjoyment, not other people's. Yes, there'll be a day where I work for a company, but it will be because I love doing the job & it is challenging, that way, I can enjoy working and it will be a win-win solution.

And that's it. I accept that I don't need to be the best of all, just enjoy the thing I love doing. That way, I will obviously do the best, happily.

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Irianto Petrus Binsardo