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Free Download Vocabulary Test for Business

There are a lot of advantages in socializing with business professionals. Most of the have the communities that support each other, and they have positive attitude in facing their problems. They are also willing to help you when you are in a problem. But it is not easy to join these premium communities. They should first see that you are a motivated person, polite, and civilized. They don't want to spoil their great attitude, habits, and vision with people who know nothing about the beauty of hard work, big vision and social respect. thus, they often filter their surrounding with the right people and those who help them to achieve a better goal. Sometime, the simplest thing they want to see is either you are well educated or not.

we should have known the importance of English  in the business activities and communities. as I have shared the program of advanced vocabulary test, I also want to share another similar program which is focused on common vocabulary in the business activities. One day, you'll need to do presentation in front of the stake holders, directors, or entire company staffs, I think it will be a great opportunity to show your skill in business with useful expressions in sophisticated words, thus gaining trust of those big people. You also may use the skill to impress them in business plan and your writing of formal letter, either to your boss or to other companies. the result? Promotion and raise! Why? Because the company will search a trusted, well educated, and impressive people to lead and compete with other company, and to make sure they have a person to fit with the international business communities. Guess what, by doing vocabulary evaluation with this test you are one step ahead of other people! Good for you, success is in you hand! Even if you are a student, you should start this test as soon as possible to face the real world.

Here, I have uploaded a program which can be used as your business vocabulary builder. There are many business related words to be remembered and the vocabulary list is very long, so I will separate this program into several chapters. (stay tune in this blog for the next part). Although it is important for many people, I want to make it as FREE business vocabulary builder since I hope this blog can help as many people as possible. It feels great for me to help people get a better business career. I also wonder if I can make the program for French, Spanish, or Chinese vocabulary builder, but it will take quite a long time, since the sources are less common. You also need to know the common vocabulary phrases to use the words effectively, so in the program, there will be example sentence to know the context of the words. 

I suggest you to train and remember these vocabulary until it flows naturally in  your business conversation. 

have you downloaded the excel program? Good! Now as I've explained in previous post, I use recursive program and it need a little adjustment in your excel.

1. Choose Excel Options from Menu

(the position is different from EXCEL 2007 and 2010, but still, choose "excel options") 

2. Choose Formula tab (left); in calculation options, tick enable iterative calculation; then click OK (the maximum iterations and maximum change is not matter, actually this program only need 1 iteration) 


Now the program can be used and practice a lot of vocabulary! Practice makes perfect! write your answer in the answer section, then click enter, next question will be displayed. Compare your answer with key answer and go to next question.  Practice as many times as possible. Good Luck, future professional!!!

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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Why being Sustainable is Better than being Consistent for Procrastinator

How to deal with Procrastination?

Procrastination means the habit of delaying activities people should actually do, especially when the  activities are important and really need immediate focus or attention.  There are many people dealing with procrastination in their daily activities, and everybody procrastinates at certain time, either when they feel bored, stressed, or tired. People may procrastinate at work, at study or doing homework (college students often procrastinate more at the time of exam week!), or when they should do exercise (instead, they become bench-potato!).  As procrastination become a more common habit (since people easily browse some random articles on the Internet or scrolling through Facebook to avoid things they should do), a lot of people certainly guilty  for this bad habit. Procrastination consume their productivity, and at the end of the day it causes them stress. People event try to maintain it with apps or tight supervision. If they procrastinate, near the deadline, they will feel that it is harder to achieve their primary goal, and it leads to frustration. They wake up all night long near the deadline, have not enough sleep and it is bad for their health.

So, if this is a problem of many people. what do the non-procrastinator say to us? Yes, the most common advice from them is simply "be discipline" and " be consistent". That is what those non-procrastinator do, and that is also the main issue of us, and we can't simply accept that input because that is just "not suitable for me". Being discipline is not our solution, it is our problem!

Through up and down,  I have seen a lot of reasons why I, and others, delay doing everything important in our life and it gives me a simple perspective to deal with this bad habit. This is what I call "BE SUSTAINABLE".

What do I say with sustainable means doing things which is simply you may afford do forever. Can you see what I mean? let me explain a little bit.

Have you ever heard about sustainable energy? It is the energy which may sustain for thousands years. Unlike energy from petroleum coal, it only produces a little amount of energy, which is already there in the nature. It is just being there since the first place, energizing the nature, whether human will maximize the potency or not. It is just there and will always be there. The energy from sun, water flow, waves, or wind will always be in the nature, either human use the energy or not. The petroleum, the nonrenewable energy, although it gives a lot of energy in modern era, it somehow will be depleted. We do everything and maximize the technologies simply to fit the demand for the decreasing petroleum resources. The usage will be more efficient day by day while the resource will be depleted. It is so EFFORT-FULL.

And being sustainable as procrastinator means, don't do things which are the goal in the deadline, but simply do the part you might do effortless and you are sure you could do it everyday in a year/ until deadline. It is almost the same as what in the Blogs  and websites say "make it in a small piece". But even in a small piece, sometime you feel the burden to finish it. You should not make it a small piece. in Being sustainable, you make it a small ritual. the things you may do every single day, just like other ritual you do (praying before eating, bringing umbrella in the cloudy weather, charging hand phone before going to sleep, etc. Even checking Youutube before go to sleep!). It is not even "a work" for you, although you know it somehow will help you later. and that' how a procrastinator might overcome the habit. Do thing about the work which is effortless and do it as the ritual. yes, being a procrastinator is a disadvantage  for our productivity, but we can maintain it!

I will explain to you in this article why being sustainable is helpful to beat common reasons for procrastination. Below are some of the key reasons why people procrastinate, why being sustainable has helped people, and some real life example:

  1. The big picture is complex and the project is unpleasant.When working a  complex project,some people simply don't know where to start and they think working earlier and taking a small step worth nothing for the project. And because of that reason, many people will tackle a task with delaying the job until "the right time". They forget that although it is not enjoyable, it still needs to be completed. Why it is really helpful to be sustainable? Yes, it won't change the fact that the job is unpleasant, but it will change the burden you have near the deadline. As a procrastinator, we are really often work as efficiently as possible near the deadline. While being sustainable won't change this habit, it will give us less burden and less anxiety near the deadline.

  2. Because people fear that they do it wrong and they will fail. When people are not sure, they delay th completion because they don't want to do useless thing. Being sustainable is very helpful in this case, because since the very first place, they bear in mind that they only do thing which is effortless and they got nothing to lose for doing that, even if you fail. I mean, you never feel burdened too just because you bring  umbrella while the cloudy weather become hot! you don't lose your umbrella, and you don't lose energy either. Just your daily ritual in the cloudy weather.

  3. Distractions. Sometimes the temptation to have a small talk with your friends, play games or take some coffee breaks will delay your job. being sustainable won't deal too much with this. you just allow the distraction since you have done the effortless things you do. After all, as a procrastinator, you have accepted that whatever you do, you'll end up doing that near the deadline right? moving out from the distraction won't make you want to focus on the burdening job (just like keeping away your phone help you to stay away from facebook. If you are a procrastinator, you know it won't work. You just love it!). So the aim of being sustainable is not to make you loving the job burdening you, but at least it will help you to minimize the burden near the deadline. It feels great! and perhaps, by doing effortless things, you may start loving the job, have a different point of view and start to be energized. But if it won't change you, it is okay because you will have less things to do near the deadline!


I have ever been in a project to make a field trip for a college organization, and there are many things to do. There are many things to be maintained: participants, bus, company, tools, legals, finances, sponsors, etc. There are so many uncertainties there: Will there be enough participants? Will the company accept the proposal? Will the college give the permission? What if the participant come late? What if we can't get affordable consumption for our minimum budget? Under the stressful condition, The things sustainable I can do is asking my team about the development, and asking my senior and boss about the act to be done on each phase. Why it is effortless? Because all I do is asking the condition of the plan until the day and tell it to the boss to get the right decision. I can do that everyday and it is not even burdening me! That is a small step that can be developed to finish the plan. and it is very helpful since every condition have been handled days before D-day. What if it is fail? what if the field trip is impossible? then I have nothing to lose. I did the least I can do for that, but when it works (it actually works!), I have less stress near the deadline, and I may feel better!

Some people need extra works to maintain their body weight, including me! but I saw a lot of people become not sustainable, they went to gym at the leisure time, then when they came to the exam month (for college students), they focused on the study and forget the program. I instead, keep it sustainable. I simply walk around the running track looking at the flowers (yes, it is really refreshing, and I can do it even in the exam day to release some stress), and maintain my food to the low calories which is I LIKE (I prefer banana, I can eat them as much as possible. Sure, oat meal or whole grain bread may be better, but since they don't taste good for me and many other people, they are not my option). Well, at first, my friends loss weight more than me, a lot! But I think, they are too effort-full, and they can't deny that they don't like the taste of the oat meal or how tired they are after heavy gym session. I may say that my body weight becomes lighter normally (since the day I try to decrease it) while they are heavier than even before (they become lazier to do the effort, or what they say "I am busy now").

"Discipline" gives you burden, "sustainable" gives you ritual. "Discipline" needs motivation, while "sustainable" will create motivation (at some point).

Do you have other opinion? Please kindly write in the comment section. Have a nice day.

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Friday, February 12, 2016

Fractured Reservoir, Our Future

Naturally Fractured Reservoir is a term that we use to the reservoir that  the fracture have significant contribution to the change of the reservoir's permeability.With these fractures, there are others properties which will change too, such as flow rates, anisotropy, recovery, and storage. It is a kind of confusing material for many people, as until this day, people always prefer the conventional reservoirs which have been been developed and observed for hundred years. People simply don't know the fact that more than 50% of proven reserve in the world are obtained in Naturally fractured reservoir. Even almost all the geothermal reservoirs are naturally fractured reservoirs. Yes they are more complex and heterogeneous, but as the world need energy to develop the modern civilization, the advancement of technology to the more complex and multiple porosity reservoirs is a must. That is why our future will move towards the development of this fractured reservoir. While other form of energy (renewable energy) is still far too expensive (and perhaps won't be a cheap choice for the next years), the development of this unconventional reservoir is still cheaper, although it is not as easy as the conventional one.

There are several fields which are categorized as naturally fractured reservoir such as:

  1. Pina Field, Republic of Cuba (light oil)
  2. Purwakarta Field, Indonesia (CBM)
  3. jatibarang Field, Indonesia (CBM)
  4. Jatinegara Field, Indonesia (CBM)
  5. Ain Zalah Field, Iraq (oil)
  6. Kirkuk Field, Iraq (oil)
  7. Gela Field, Sicily (heavy oil)
  8. Elk Hills Field, USA (heavy oil from fractured shale)
  9. Santa Maria Field, USA (heavy oil from fractured shale)
  10. Big Sandy Gas Field, USA (gas from bituminous shale)

As it can be seen above, the content of the fractured reservoir might be different, and it is more to show the type of reservoirs which are dominated by fractures as their properties. Among other properties that should be remembered, the fractured reservoir have the main characteristic that the fracture will be the avenue for fluid flow and the matrix (rock pores) as the storage. In some fields, such as Ain Zalah Field, have very low permeability that it is impossible to flow the fluid inside the reservoir. This condition was not attractive, if we never consider the effect of the fracture. The effect of fracture as wide as 1 millimeter may produce oil as much as 7000-10000 BOPD (Braunstein 1953)! That is why the production of this kind of reservoir rely on the network of the fractures inside.As long as the fractures have the communication, the reservoir can be productive.  

Nelson classify this reservoir based on the fracture's effect to the reservoir properties:

  1. Type 1: Fractures provide essential porosity and permeability to reservoir
  2. Type 2: Fractures provide essential permeability to reservoir 
  3. Type 3: Fractures provide a permeability  assist to reservoir

then, talking about how the geologist could identify the reservoir, it is very important for them to find the outcorp of the fractured reservoir. Basically, the fracture will be created of either tectonic effect, regional effect, contractional, and surface-related effect. thus, the size could be as small as a compas and as big as a regional area. The finding of the outcorp doesn't guarantee the productivity of the reservoir. There are a lot of other things that should be considered such as is the reservoir produce/trap oil or not; or is the fracture filled with other mineral or not and so on. Basically, we may say that the fractured reservoir give more challenges, but the result will be worth it for human development.

Any suggestion, additional info, or input? please kindly write in the comment section. Thank you.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Enhance Your English Vocabulary!!

Before talking about English vocabulary, we should understand first the importance of the English  in our daily activities. There are about 2 billion people speak English as their daily language. English is also the primary language  in business activities, thus it is very important to learn English if they are about to enter a global market and society. Unfortunately, to be in professional society is not as easy as learning the regular English. At least, people want you to look smart and educated.

One of the most significant difference is the level of vocabulary which is used in professional society. This is mainly related to the function of impressing other people, developing confidence and gaining others' trust.

The vocabulary itself should be trained and remembered to be used naturally in the daily activities. It is very important to know the context for every words we use, as some words are not suitable in certain conditions (It should make you impressive, not silly). Thus, whenever you practice the vocabulary, you should also remember the context of the words. 

Here, I upload a vocabulary practice program. I will upload it in series, and perhaps, other than English language, I will upload other programs which are modified from this one. I hope it might be helpful for you. First, downoald the program below:

Already download the excel program? Good! Now I will explain how to use the program. Unfortunately, to make this program, I should use the recursive content and I need to tell you a little adjustment.

1. Choose Excel Options from Menu

(the position is different from EXCEL 2007 and 2010, but still, choose "excel options") 

2. Choose Formula tab (left); in calculation options, tick enable iterative calculation; then click OK


Now the program can be used and practice a lot of vocabulary! Practice makes perfect! write your answer in the answer section, then click enter, next question will be displayed. Compare your answer with key answer and go to next question.  Practice as many times as possible. Good Luck, future professional!!!

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Monday, February 8, 2016

When Will People Need OBM Instead of WBM? (And Vice Versa)

What is Drilling Mud?

Drilling Mud/ Drilling fluid is very important in drilling a well. If you’ve ever drilled a hole through a wood, you must have known that the wood chips should crash & fly outside the hole, or the bit will be buried with the wood chips (That is why people occasionally blow the hole to crash out the buried wood chip). How do people maintain those “chips” get out the well while drilling in the oil field, in the condition that the bottom hole might be kilometers away from the surface? Yes, this is the purpose of the drilling mud itself. We need to put the mud inside the hole, then circulating the mud while drilling to transport those “chips” (which is called ‘cuttings’ in petroleum engineering terminology) out from the hole. Simply we can imagine that a drill mud should be a fluid which able to capture those cuttings, and flow them to the surface and it should be easily remove the cutting in the surface with some treatments. The company will hire some experts to know what chemistry and compositions of the mud to make sure this mud do its function. But this function is not the only important thing to be considered in using the drilling mud. It simply explains that the cutting somehow should be brought out from the hole while drilling, just like other drilling activities in your garden, and drilling mud will do this job. 

The condition kilometers inside the earth is very complicated and really different than what we feel on land. Extreme conditions such as pressure, chemistry, and miscalculation of things happened below the land will have a huge impact, such as explosion and environmental damage. Drilling mud play a key role to keep every extreme condition stay in human’s control, and that leads to the question about the functions of drilling mud.

What are the functions of Drilling Mud?

Beside the basic function to transport the cutting to surface, the mud should also maintain the pressure from the depth (which is called “formation pressure”) stay in the depth. The system is similar with infuse in hospital. you need to keep the infuse bottle higher than your hand because the pressure from the infuse will withstand the pressure from your blood. this is called hydrostatic pressure. When the infuse is lower than your hand, then the blood have enough pressure to flow to your infuse. Now imagine that the blood is the pressured fluid from the soil (which is called formation fluid) and the infuse is filled with drilling mud.  When the hydrostatic pressure of the drilling mud is lower, then the blood/formation fluid could flow through the well. Unfortunately, unlike the blood pressure, the formation fluid pressure might kill people if it flows to the surface. That is why the drilling mud should be maintained in appropriate weight. Also, if the drilling mud is too heavy, it may break the formation, then flow into the formation, leaving enough place in the well for the formation fluid to flow in and dangerous to the people in the surface.

Drilling kilometers to the earth is not an easy job, and the drill bit should expose to frictions and high pressure. It will make the drill bit become extremely hot. It is very important to make sure the drill mud may lubricate and cool down the bit while circulating.

And the broadest function that leads to the topic of OBM and WBM is the capability of the drill fluid to minimize damage. There are many possibilities we can find when drilling a well. It may be exposed to saltwater, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, solids buildup, influxes, temperatures, shale, and a lot of other issue. The issues sometimes are very complicated, and there is no “one for all” solution. The mud should be designed, and then tested to the rock sample which is called core sample (it is obtained by using a special drill bit which will cut a sample smoothly and has a barrel to keep the sample until it is brought back to the surface) , and test the compatibility of the mud with the rock, before we use it in the well. There are two main type of drilling mud, Oil Base Mud and Water Base Mud.

What are the Differences of OBM and WBM?
Oil based mud contains diesel, mineral oil, or low-toxicity linear olefins and paraffins. Although it is called oil based mud, the mud itself will not only contain oil as the main contain, but also big portion of water (mostly, since the oil is expensive and has high viscosity, the emulsion with water will lower the price & viscosity). It is called OBM when the oil phase is the continuous phase with small amount of water as the non-continuous phase. OBM will have oil/water ratio in the range from 65/35 to 95/5, but the common value is about 70/30 to 90/10.

Water based mud is the most commonly used in the world. The main contain may be fresh water, seawater, brine, and saturated brine. The selection will depend on the environment which is anticipated. Also, some additive will be used to withstand different conditions from certain segment of the well. Thus, it is very important to keep attention to every change of the formation being penetrated.

When Do People Use WBM?

Water Based Mud is very popular since it is cheaper, less treatment and much easier to be found than the Oil Based Mud. It is very suitable for people who want fewer headaches of environmental concern, regulation, and disposal scheme. Unfortunately, water based mud is much related to the shale problem, which is called swelling. Clay will be instable when it react with the water, thus the clay will be swelling and making the hole become smaller. Our tools will be stuck inside and it will cost us a lot of money. Using the water based mud in the very reactive clay formation is not a wise option. We may move to the Oil Based Mud.

When Do People Use OBM?

The most obvious answer is if the clay is very reactive, then we use the Oil Based Mud. But selecting the Oil Based Mud is not an easy decision. The initial costs will be much higher than the WBM, thus it is a good only if we may reuse it in some wells. The SP log also won’t be able to be functioned in OBM, and the biggest consideration is the disposal scheme, as it is toxic and can’t directly dispose to land or sea. Another special case which is to be considered is in the high pressure and high temperature well. The OBM is very good to be used in this condition as in high temperature and pressure, the composition & quality of OBM will remain the same (unlike water which will evaporate in the high temperature).

And those are some considerations to choose between OBM and WBM. Sure, there are some efforts to reduce the disadvantages, such as additive for WBM for less swelling problem, or synthetic oil based mud to reduce the toxicity, but for sure, those considerations still remain the key between OBM and WBM.

Do you have additional opinion and information? Please kindly write in the comment section. Thank you very much!

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Art of Productivity

Being productive is very interesting. It is NOT a terminology that is used to force person to do things other people want. Instead, it is somehow a solution to solve problem for both sides. Productivity should be understood as the way someone enrich his experiences and skills while solving the tasks offered to him. By that way, the problem will be solved (sure, company hires people to solve problem!), and the working quality of the person will become better as they gain more experiences. Productivity should not be seen as the way you simply get money. That way, you will work as long as you need the money, and it will become a problem when the competition becomes higher. Whatever you do now, one day, there will be someone who are willing to do your job for smaller salary, and that is bad for you. You should see your productivity as an investment, and that way, nobody will be trusted to do your job instead of you alone. Why? Because the company have seen your results are developing and your productivity have been proven. Your skills become smoother, and there will be a point for the company to choose, either they will raise your salary or loose you. It is all about investment, and the best investment you may choose is the investment of your value. So, how to be productive and stand out from other people?

Instead of doing routines, see the tasks as rituals

Doing routines sucks! You might feel that every day you should accomplish some tasks, to get tired at night, and start your another day tomorrow to get other tasks. The reason is, it won’t stop forever, because you do it for things other than YOURSELF and targets people gave to you! that is the routine. You do some accounting to get money and that is it. at the evening, all you may get is the tiredness and stress. Then, what is the difference if you see it as the ritual?

If you see it as ritual, then all you need to think is how to be productive and after that, a better person? Everyone love to be a better person, and you should see your tasks as media to make you a better person. And by that way, you even can personalize the job to be authentic for you, and you may call it as a “ritual”.  I have a friend who is a laboratory scientist, and unlike other people, she loves to make the laboratory become neat and tidy. And by that way, she put personal touch and stand out than other people. It works on everything else. A student who want to buy only legal book (and by that way, he has his own pride on studying), a teacher who encourage the students to make excel program in every assignment (thus making him the “excel guru”), or simply, you only want to works with blue color (because you find it calming and help you to focus).

By doing those things, you will find the tasks become more related to you. You will feel that you are bond with the job, and the productivity will not sound “horrible” because you just doing this to be a special one. Will there be someone replacing you for your job? Once people have seen your productivity and authenticity, it is very hard to imagine someone will replace you. I mean, who may replace “the excel guru, the coding master, the customer’s Idol, or the classic man”. Once you are bond to this job, you should understand that every time you do the “ritual”, you are shaping your skills and experiences, and it feels good to be the best of you for things you do every day.

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