Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Art of Productivity

Being productive is very interesting. It is NOT a terminology that is used to force person to do things other people want. Instead, it is somehow a solution to solve problem for both sides. Productivity should be understood as the way someone enrich his experiences and skills while solving the tasks offered to him. By that way, the problem will be solved (sure, company hires people to solve problem!), and the working quality of the person will become better as they gain more experiences. Productivity should not be seen as the way you simply get money. That way, you will work as long as you need the money, and it will become a problem when the competition becomes higher. Whatever you do now, one day, there will be someone who are willing to do your job for smaller salary, and that is bad for you. You should see your productivity as an investment, and that way, nobody will be trusted to do your job instead of you alone. Why? Because the company have seen your results are developing and your productivity have been proven. Your skills become smoother, and there will be a point for the company to choose, either they will raise your salary or loose you. It is all about investment, and the best investment you may choose is the investment of your value. So, how to be productive and stand out from other people?

Instead of doing routines, see the tasks as rituals

Doing routines sucks! You might feel that every day you should accomplish some tasks, to get tired at night, and start your another day tomorrow to get other tasks. The reason is, it won’t stop forever, because you do it for things other than YOURSELF and targets people gave to you! that is the routine. You do some accounting to get money and that is it. at the evening, all you may get is the tiredness and stress. Then, what is the difference if you see it as the ritual?

If you see it as ritual, then all you need to think is how to be productive and after that, a better person? Everyone love to be a better person, and you should see your tasks as media to make you a better person. And by that way, you even can personalize the job to be authentic for you, and you may call it as a “ritual”.  I have a friend who is a laboratory scientist, and unlike other people, she loves to make the laboratory become neat and tidy. And by that way, she put personal touch and stand out than other people. It works on everything else. A student who want to buy only legal book (and by that way, he has his own pride on studying), a teacher who encourage the students to make excel program in every assignment (thus making him the “excel guru”), or simply, you only want to works with blue color (because you find it calming and help you to focus).

By doing those things, you will find the tasks become more related to you. You will feel that you are bond with the job, and the productivity will not sound “horrible” because you just doing this to be a special one. Will there be someone replacing you for your job? Once people have seen your productivity and authenticity, it is very hard to imagine someone will replace you. I mean, who may replace “the excel guru, the coding master, the customer’s Idol, or the classic man”. Once you are bond to this job, you should understand that every time you do the “ritual”, you are shaping your skills and experiences, and it feels good to be the best of you for things you do every day.

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